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Swimming pools add that extra flair of sophistication and charm to any property. A gorgeous property accessory such as a pool is even better when it looks its best. Enjoy the sparkling invite of a clean pool thanks to the help of the pros of pool cleaning services in Louwlardia.

Don’t Be Caught With A Grimy Swamp For A Swimming Pool

Have you ever wanted to enjoy a crystal-clear, sparkling and inviting pool each summer, but your dreams shatter when you discover a pool overgrown with algae? Don’t worry, we are the pool cleaning Louwlardia service solution to your problem.

How much is pool cleaning service, you might wonder? The fee to service a pool depends on the state of the pool. A pool in bad shape may be more expensive than one that is regularly maintained. The pool cleaning pros would have to use more equipment and spend more time cleaning up a pool that’s been neglected for ages.

Benefits of Regular Swimming Pool Maintenance Louwlardia

There are many advantages to keeping your swimming pool clean, whether you swim every day or just occasionally.

Your pool always looks inviting
Everyone loves a clean swimming pool, and what better feeling than to take a refreshing dip on a hot balmy day?

Prevents health risk
Having a clean pool prevents health risks like skin and eye irritations. It is especially crucial to keep the swimming pool clean when kids are also swimming in it. Regular swimming pool maintenance Louwlardia service will help you get the most out of your pool, keeping it safe for swimming and fun with the whole family.

Longer pool lifespan
Proper and regular pool maintenance can ensure that your swimming pool lasts long. When debris and moss overgrowth becomes problematic, it can lead to clogged filters and risk other damages to the pool pump and other parts.

It’s more expensive to replace a pool and deal with putting in other tiles rather than keeping a hand over the maintenance before things get bad.

Maintaining the correct pool PH

With pool cleaning services Louwlardia you can also ensure that the PH balance is correct. When the PH of the water is off it can become too acidic or too low and this not only changes the colour of the water, it could also potentially harm the skin of those swimming as well as be detrimental to the eyes and hair.

You’ll save money
Regular pool maintenance will reduce the cost of cleaning your pool if it’s only done once a year. In the long run, you’ll save much more Rands doing consistent maintenance and pool cleaning than a once off or once in a while clean up.

How Much Does your Pool Service Louwlardia cost?

  1. General pool maintenance from R950
  2. General pool maintenance From R950
  3. Pool servicing From 650
  4. Chemical rebalancing From 550
  5. Swimming pool maintenance From R950
  6. General pool cleaning Louwlardia From R850

Why Choose Us for your pool maintenance?

If you’re asking yourself about the best pool cleaning service near me, we understand your dilemma.

Maintaining your pool regularly reduces the build up of moss, leaves and other unavoidable debris due to weather changes.

You can rely on professional pool maintenance services in Louwlardia because in this way you can ensure that your pool remains clean around the clock. It’s easy to opt for the once off pool cleaning Louwlardia but once off will only guarantee the job one time.

Our pool services includes:

  • Chemical rebalancing
  • Swimming pool maintenance
  • Pool servicing
  • General pool maintenance
  • Testing and analysis of pool chemical levels
  • Cleaning of filters, skimmer bags, weirs and baskets
  • Backwashing your pool
  • Brushing your pool and removing leaves and dirt
  • Treating your pool with the correct chemicals
  • General pool cleaning Louwlardia

Ever wondered how often a pool needs to be serviced? It’s different for every pool owner and the services may be every week or every month depending on the current state and condition of the pool.

Tired of cleaning your pool every weekend?

Let us take the hassle out of pool cleaning for you. We are experts at quickly and efficiently removing algae, dirt, and other debris from your pool so that you can enjoy swimming in it all summer long.

Not only will we clean your pool, but we will also provide you with tips on how to keep it clean all season long so that you don’t have to worry about it again. All you have to do is call us and schedule a time for us to come by. It’s that easy!

Contact us today for a free quote on our pool cleaning service!

FAQ – Pool Cleaning Service Louwlardia

#1 How much does it cost to clean a pool?
Quotes on pool cleaning may differ one from the other. An assessment is usually done and depending on how much work is needed these may factor into the price. Your pool cleaning services experts may also quote you on a weekly, bi-monthly or call out fee.

#2 What is the cheapest way to clean a pool?
• Clean the debris using a leaf net and a pool crawler cleaner
• Clean the pool filter
• Replace o rings and lubricate them if needed
• Ensure that you have sufficient chlorine stabiliser added

#3 How often should the pool guy come?
Your pool guy should come out weekly. However, you can also clean your pool in between his days by doing simple things like removing debris from the water filter baskets.

#4 How often should swimming pools be cleaned?
Your swimming pool can be cleaned weekly depending on how much sun the water gets. The sun tends to draw out the chlorine and three days later the pool may resemble green water. Chlorine helps keep the pool clean and acts as a disinfectant to some extent.

#5 Is it okay to pee in a pool?
It is definitely not okay to pee in a pool. Apart from peeing in a pool being disgusting, the urine combined with chlorine can form a harmful chemical toxin called Cyanogen chloride.

Are you ready to get your pool in tip top shape? Get in touch with the experts. Contact for the ultimate and affordable pool cleaning services Louwlardia.

Pool cleaning service Prices Louwlardia

How Much Does your Pool Service Louwlardia cost?

  1. General pool maintenance from R950
  2. General pool maintenance From R950
  3. Pool servicing From 650
  4. Chemical rebalancing From 550
  5. Swimming pool maintenance From R950
  6. General pool cleaning Centurion From R850

**Please note all the above prices are based on estimates. We will have to come to your property to give an accurate quote on our pool service.

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Johan Olivier
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Nico Smit (Big Domino Marketing)
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I highly recommend the team at Super Green. They offer the best garden service Centurion and value for your money. Thanks again guys!
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Got my garden looking super green! What more can you ask for

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