Frequently Asked Questions – Garden Refuse Removal


How much will I pay per month for the garden refuse removal?
R250 per month and R250 (Once off) for the bin. Visit our Garden Refuse Removal page for more detail

What day will you collect?
We will set a day that suits you best to remove your garden refuse

Can I put other rubish in the bin?
No, only garden refuse will be removed

Where do I put the bin for your to collect the refuse?
Put your bin outside your home so we can collect the garden refuse, same process as your rubbish removal on a weekly basis

Will you collect on weekends?
No our service is from Monday – Friday

What time must I put me bin out?

What happens if my refuse bin gets stolen?
We will replace the bin but you will need to pay for a new bin (R250)

What if I forget to put the bin out?
Mistakes happen but we will collect your bin the following week

Can I put rubble into my bin?
No, only garden refuse can be added to the bin

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