Super Green stocks one of South Africa’s best lawn fertilizers. Made popular by some of the cannabis community Super Green Fertilizer is specially formulated for the climate in Gauteng, ensuring your garden grows and keeps growing with time-released nitrogen-rich compounds.

Tree Felling

Tree Felling

Tree felling plays an integral role in ensuring that the environment is safe and beneficial to everyone. To have a better overview of tree felling, continue reading and discover why you may need it for your property. Centurion Tree Felling can help you with all your tree felling requirements.

Garden Services

The Super Green team will maintain and service your lawn and garden to be immaculate. Our weekly gardening contractor services are operated by Super Green contractors that are owner-led teams. Ensuring top-quality gardening services in Centurion and surrounds.

Refuse Removal

All thriving gardens require the removal of extraneous vegetation to keep the gardens neat and tidy. Super Green provides green garden bins that are serviced and collected weekly. All garden refuse is collected weekly and taken to a nearby recycling facility.


Let us help you design the outdoor layout of your dreams. With an extensive knowledge of the local and international flora, our garden landscaping design services will work with the flora of your existing garden or completely re-design the landscape of your garden.

Pool Cleaning Services

Enjoy the sparkling invite of a clean pool thanks to the help of the pros of pool cleaning services in Centurion. Maintaining your pool regularly reduces the build up of moss, leaves and other unavoidable debris due to weather changes. Give us a call today for a sparkling new pool

Why Choose SuperGreen?

Have you been battling with your lawn or getting your garden under control? We have a comprehensive gardening solution that will take your garden to the next level of greenness. Super Green Garden Services provides a comprehensive solution to ensuring your lawn and garden are lush and taken care of.

Grass growth is the most active during the warmer seasons so will need to be fed the most fertilizer in Spring and Summer. It is best to start adding fertilizer to your lawn at the start of Spring when an application of 9:4:1 can be introduced onto the grass roots at 50g / m². Lawns grow best when they are fed a little fertilizer often, at steady intervals. During the hot months (Summer and early Spring) make sure to water your lawn twice every day, in the morning and afternoon for 2 consecutive weeks or until your grass is fully established.
If your grass is growing in sandy soil it will require more fertilizer, more often than grass growing in a clay soil because nutrients leach out faster from a clay-based lawn.

Season Guide for Fertilization Application:

Spring (beginning of Aug & end Sept): Apply 9:4:1 at 50g/m².
Summer (mid Nov, end Dec & end Jan): 9:4:1 or LAN controlled release at 50g/m².
Autumn (beginning of March & end of April): 9:4:1 controlled release at 50g/m².
Winter (beginning of May & end of July): Grass growth will be dormant, so no fertilizer will be required.

Fertilizer in Centurion

Some of life’s most memorable moments are spent in our gardens with our lush green lawns providing the picturesque backdrop to our fondest memories. Not only is a lawn a place for entertaining family and friends; for kids and pets to play and explore; it’s a special space to connect with nature, to relax and unwind from our stressful, fast-paced lives.Come to Super Green Fertilizer in Centurion for all your needs.

In order to grow and maintain a luscious green lawn that will thrive all year round, it needs the best seed fertilizer to help it flourish to its full potential. All proud home owners with gardens want the peace of mind knowing that they can easily maintain a lawn that is green and healthy throughout the changing seasons. With people’s busy schedules these days, traveling to purchase and transport fertilizer can be a time-consuming endeavor.

    1. So where does one find the best fertilizer to make this a reality?
    2. And how do you know the fertilizer you buy delivers on its promise?

Look no further than SuperGreen! Your one-stop solution to purchase a trusted fertilizer online from the comfort of your home. We at SuperGreen take pride in offering our customers the highest quality product, made with the finest hand-picked ingredients and with our easy online ordering service, your satisfaction is guaranteed. SuperGreen is an exclusive and tested fertilizer that will enrich your wildest grassy fantasies…

When to Use SuperGreen Fertilizer On Your Lawn

All lawns require feeding in early Spring when grass first begins to turn green and then again in early Autumn when your grass will start to change colour. Your lawn maintenance schedule will be dependent on the type of grass you have, the type of fertilizer you use, as well as the climate you live in.

Super Green fertilizer is made up of a mixture of different types of grass seeds in order to cater for all types of grasses and climates. Displayed on each bag of Super Green, are detailed instructions to show you when and how much to use. As a general guide, as long as you do not overdo the fertilizer and avoid fertilizing in the hottest days of summer, your lawn should remain green, strong and healthy.

How to Apply Super Green Fertilizer in Centurion

Using a spreader tool: If you choose this option, it will provide coverage with the most even application. You get 2 main types of fertilizer spreaders: Broadcast/Rotary and Drop spreaders. The Broadcast/Rotary types don’t cause striping, are a lot easier to use, and there is no chance of getting fertilizer on non-lawn areas such as streets, sidewalks or driveways.

Fertilising by hand: This technique can result in burning the skin if fertilizer is concentrated and you also run the risk of having pale patches of grass from uneven distribution. If you do choose this option, make sure you wear protective clothing with gloves. as well as be careful to cover the entire surface area of lawn you wish to treat.

After applying the fertilizer, you will need to water the lawn thoroughly. Watering will rinse the fertilizer off the blades of grass so that they won’t burn, allowing the SuperGreen fertilizer to be absorbed deep within the soil so it can work its magic. It is important to make sure nobody steps over the lawn (including kids or animals) for a period of 24 to 48 hours

Top Tips

Get The Best Out of Your SuperGreen Lawn Fertilizer

    • Make sure to water your lawn well for a few days before you plan to use the fertilizer. This will make sure your lawn is moist enough for the fertilizer to be fully absorbed.
    • Wait for the grass to be completely dry before adding the fertilizer to your lawn, to avoid burning the grass. Super Green will not be held liable for any customer over fertilizing their lawn causing it to burn.
    • If using a spreader tool, fill it up with SuperGreen fertilizer on the driveway or cement surface so that in case there are any spills, they can be easily swept up.
    • During the cooler months, water your lawn only once every day, in the mornings for a period of 2 weeks or until your grass is established. Never water after 2pm during the cooler months.
    • Water your grass immediately after planting, just enough to moisten the soil to a depth of 11 – 20mm.

With SuperGreen, the grass is always greener on our side.