Super Green stocks one of South Africa’s best lawn fertilizers. Made popular by some of the cannabis community Super Green Fertilizer is specially formulated for the climate in Gauteng, ensuring your garden grows and keeps growing with time-released nitrogen-rich compounds.

Tree Felling

Tree felling plays an integral role in ensuring that the environment is safe and beneficial to everyone. To have a better overview of tree felling, continue reading and discover why you may need it for your property. Centurion Tree Felling can help you with all your tree felling requirements.

Pest Control

Pests can wreak havoc in your home or place of business, as well as creating a climate that is both hazardous and filthy. Having to deal with them can be an experience that is both irritating and overwhelming. Products that you purchase at supermarkets are frequently inefficient and pricey

Garden Services

The Super Green team will maintain and service your lawn and garden to be immaculate. Our weekly gardening contractor services are operated by Super Green contractors that are owner-led teams. Ensuring top-quality gardening services in Centurion and surrounds.

Refuse Removal

All thriving gardens require the removal of extraneous vegetation to keep the gardens neat and tidy. Super Green provides green garden bins that are serviced and collected weekly. All garden refuse is collected weekly and taken to a nearby recycling facility.


Let’s face it, not all of us have the time or the qualifying skills and know-how to maintain all the odd jobs in and around the home. So, getting the trusted handyman services in Centurion will go a long way to save you stress and time. Click learn more now


Let us help you design the outdoor layout of your dreams. With an extensive knowledge of the local and international flora, our garden landscaping design services will work with the flora of your existing garden or completely re-design the landscape of your garden.

Pool Cleaning Services

Enjoy the sparkling invite of a clean pool thanks to the help of the pros of pool cleaning services in Centurion. Maintaining your pool regularly reduces the build up of moss, leaves and other unavoidable debris due to weather changes. Give us a call today for a sparkling new pool

See what some of our clients are saying

Johan Olivier
Johan Olivier
For weekly hassle free garden services in Centurion look no further than Super Green. They whipped my garden into shaped in no time!
Nico Smit (Big Domino Marketing)
Nico Smit (Big Domino Marketing)
Fantastic garden service. If you live in Centurion, there is no one else to use 💪
Nancy A
Nancy A
I highly recommend the team at Super Green. They offer the best garden service Centurion and value for your money. Thanks again guys!
Jason Cugnolio
Jason Cugnolio
Got my garden looking super green! What more can you ask for

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