Frequently Asked Questions – Tree Felling


Why should I not cut down my tree by myself?
Chopping a tree down on your is a bad idea. Not only can you seriously injure or kill yourself, but you can also cause big damage to your property. We suggest you rather hire a professional, it’s actually much cheaper than you think! Visit our Tree Felling page for more detail

How long does it take to cut down a tree?
It can take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, all depends on the size of the tree and if you want super green to remove the stump. Once cut down, your tree feller Centurion will remove all rubble and leave your property looking perfect.

Is it ok to cut branches off my trees by myself?
Yes, it is normally ok to cut back your own branches. However, if the tree is big or is near to your home or near cables, you risk causing damage or getting electrocuted. We suggest, it is best to hire a professional tree feller company near you (Centurion/Pretoria).

Why shouldn’t I remove my own tree stump?
If the tree was very large, you will see deep roots. These roots are difficult to remove and require a special circular power tool. Professionals should handle them. It is possible to injure your self if you try to remove it by yourself.

How quickly can Super Green Tree Felling Centurion start the job?
Super Green Tree Felling Centurion can start your job as soon as possible, depending on their availability.

Do you offer emergency tree removal or tree-felling?
Yes. Super Green Tree Felling Centurion can offer emergency service if your tree is blocking your driveway or causing damage on your property.

Do I need permission to cut down my tree?
It depends. It should usually be okay if the tree is on your property. If the tree is located near your property, we recommend that you check with your neighbors first. If the tree is located on your property (and belongs to the municipality), then you will need permission.

What is the best time of year for tree felling?
It’s better to have your tree cut down in late winter, or early spring, when new blossoms and leaves aren’t yet formed. The tree will then be dormant and easier to cut down and transport.

How do I know if my tree is healthy?
It is likely to be thriving if the tree has healthy looking, full-grown branches. Dead branches, broken branches and weak bark are red flags. A tree with loose or peeling bark could indicate that it is either dead or is not doing well. For a free evaluation of your tree, contact your Tree Felling Centurion TODAY.

What if my tree is small: surely I can cut it down myself?
You should theoretically be able do it. The problem is when you don’t know where the tree will fall. Professional tree fellers know exactly where the tree is going to fall, so it doesn’t cause injury or damage.

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