Frequently Asked Questions – Pool Cleaning Service


How much does it cost to clean a pool?
Quotes on pool cleaning may differ one from the other. An assessment is usually done and depending on how much work is needed these may factor into the price. Your pool cleaning services experts may also quote you on a weekly, bi-monthly or call out fee. Visit our Pool Cleaning Service page for more detail

What is the cheapest way to clean a pool?
• Clean the debris using a leaf net and a pool crawler cleaner
• Clean the pool filter
• Replace o rings and lubricate them if needed
• Ensure that you have sufficient chlorine stabiliser added

How often should the pool guy come?
Your pool guy should come out weekly. However, you can also clean your pool in between his days by doing simple things like removing debris from the water filter baskets.

How often should swimming pools be cleaned?
Your swimming pool can be cleaned weekly depending on how much sun the water gets. The sun tends to draw out the chlorine and three days later the pool may resemble green water. Chlorine helps keep the pool clean and acts as a disinfectant to some extent.

Is it okay to pee in a pool?
It is definitely not okay to pee in a pool. Apart from peeing in a pool being disgusting, the urine combined with chlorine can form a harmful chemical toxin called Cyanogen chloride.

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